EFNet IRC Services



This is the code for a modular IRC services daemon. It is compatable with current EFNet IRC servers.


Here are the 3 files you will need to build and run services, along with their md5 checksums.

csconfig-1.0.tar.gz df15ce88843dffae69cb151387a1fccb
nnmatch-1.0.tar.gz 5f7ff15cc12580bf65d286926d83016d
services-3.21.tar.gz 06117af3a45223e0e021b05b3ed90ea9

To build:

1) mkdir build-services
2) cd build-services
3) extract csconfig into 'csconfig-1.0' directory
4) extract nnmatch to 'nnmatch-1.0' directory
5) extract services source to 'services-*' directory
6) cd csconfig-1.0 && make
7) cd nnmatch-1.0 && make
8) cd services-* && ./configure && make

The 'services' binary will be located in the services-*/daemon dir.
The module *.so binaries will be located in services-*/modules/*.

At some point, I'll fix 'services' to use the newest versions of 'csconfig' and 'nnmatch' (or equiv)...which install themselves into /usr/local/lib, thus making the above a little less painful.

- Chris